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Zewia HRMS

Zewia HRMS provides you with a powerful and cost-effective HR platform to ensure you get the best from your employees and managers. Zewia HRMS is a timely solution to upgrade and modernize your HR team to make it more efficient and consolidate your employee information into one intuitive HR system.



  • Data management is going to be one of the major functions to run an organization with a degree of efficiency. It helps expose the variability in your organization and operations so that you get the best possible results. Our HRMS software, stores all your employee information and efficiently uses the same so that your HR department may be benefited by the same. These systems contain all the information that needs to be contained about an employee. Our core HR system is a highly scalable one and this is why it adds value to any and every organization that it is a part of. It does not matter how big or small you are as an organization reports and data analytics would always come in handy whenever you need to take any business-related action.

    Our core HR facilities:
    1. Employee Personal Information
    2. Benefits of Enrollment
    3. Employee Progression Tracking
    4. Income Tax Withholding


  • Employee engagement can be defined as one where the goals of the employees are aligned with that of the organization.It has been seen that companies that engage their employees through various strategic media see an increase in the productivity of the employees. You should not, however, confuse productivity with the number of hours spent on work. It is rather the number of hours where the employee has put in work. If you engage your employees they would always want to work harder and these are the ones that are always the more productive.Our HRMS (Human Resource Management System) comes with a self-service portal that empowers your employees to a significant extent. This also encourages them to be engaged at all times.


  • One of the main functions played by your HR (Human Resource) team is improving the productivity of your employees. When your employees are more productive it spells better for your organization. The HRMS Software (Human Resource Management System) solution that we offer to you empowers your employees and encourages them to be engaged at all times. It does so through the employee self-service portal.Employee self-service portal enables the employees to apply for payslips ,leave applications etc..online from just about any device that enjoys web connectivity. This is because our software is a web-based one. After the applications are made they are then sent to people who handle these matters. The work, in this case, progresses as per a workflow that is already spelled out.

    On the portal employees can check the following with ease:
    1. Leave applications
    2. Time in and time out records
    3. Approvals
    4. Payslips
    5. Payroll details


  • Talent acquisition is the process of finding and acquiring skilled human labor for organizational needs and to meet any labor requirement.It is a process of looking for the most suitable candidates for various job profiles. You need people with the right kind of skills to fulfill the requirements of an organization. Our talent acquisition program can help you categorize the right pool of talent.

    Talent Acquisition process can be broadly sub-categorized into 4 groups:
    1. Planning Job Openings
    2. Forecasting Job Openings
    3. Broadcasting Job Openings
    4. Tactics adopted for sourcing and recruiting employees


  • Payroll Management is the administration of the financial record of employees' salaries, wages, bonuses, net pay, and deductions.The payroll module of our HRMS (Human Resource Management System) helps you make simple various processes that are complicated and take up a lot of time as well. This includes the likes of maintaining compliance and calculating the taxes to be paid by the employees. As far as organizational management is concerned payroll software can easily be called the future of the same. It helps you transform your business operations in the truest sense.


  • Talent management is one where you hire the right talent for a particular position and retain her or him while making sure that you are improving the skills of the individual.This process includes Workforce Analysis,Workforce Planning,Strategic Recruiting and Hiring.

    The whole process of talent management in an organization can be divided into 3 broad steps:
    1. Identifying skill deficits in the present and plan the future of organization
    2. Hiring employees with the right skill sets to be considered as valuable additions to your present workforce
    3. Growth Component


  • Our Human Resource Management System is a platform that is capable of storing all the data related to the employees. Our system can make your company more efficient because it can be integrated with other systems in your organization. Our HRMS comes with a data-sharing functionality that will make you more productive and avoid chances of errors and double entries. When your business systems are integrated it provides you maximum visibility on various data.That means,You can view all the data at a single location and this allows you to make decisions that are informed.By integration, you can generate valuable reports.

    Our product is already integrated with different system:
    1. Integration with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems
    2. Integration with accounting and financial systems
    3. Integration with attendance machines


  • Chat bots are becoming an important part of many business processes. Chat bot possess the ability to make the role of HR more strategic than being a mere support function.Our chat bots for HR can be used for more than just answering questions but also the opportunity to use these bots to gather employee data to make informed decisions and create more efficient processes.