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Accounts Management System is a system to manage billing, transactions with inventory items, services items and transaction for clients with reports on inventory items, each client, services item and overall debit, credit reports. System can be used in any industry like Cotton Ginners, Goods Traders, small manufacturing industry. With Zewia Account Management Software, help you to get the complete picture of each account, with automatically updated opportunity details, access to all customer information including contacts, communication history, activity history, shared documents, notes and much more.Our software allows administrators, managers, and sales and marketing personnel to manage a variety of accounts related to performance, customers, products, marketing/sales strategies, and companies in the most professional manner.With Our Account Management System, sales professionals can schedule and track account related activities, track product and service delivery, and establish new business opportunities with existing accounts. Zewia-Account Management System can record and manage all financial activities with customers, vendors, inventory, and other companies, while at the same time ensuring compliance with standard accounting policies. Accounting Software is the practical application of management techniques to control and report on the financial health of the organization.

Our Account Management Software enables account teams to:
  1. Understand the customer's business drivers and align with the customer's business objectives
  2. Estimate the revenue potential
  3. Prioritize efforts around the best long and short-term opportunities
  4. Market the correct products and services to each client
  5. Manage key relationships across the account
  6. Chart of accounts
  7. Journal entry
  8. Account preferences