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Our designers adopt HTML5 technology trend to develop pixel perfect, feature-rich HTML5 compatible Web Applications.With years of experience in the industry, we have proven track record of creating visually appealing design, fast-loading, cross-browser compatible responsive websites and interactive mobile applications in quick turnaround time. If you need our team of HTML5 developers to convert your existing website to responsive, or develop applications that are user friendly, reliable and cost effective or want to outsource your HTML5 application Development tasks you can get in touch with us.

HTML5 Development Services that we do:
  1. Web Application Development
  2. UI and UX development
  3. Responsive Development
  4. Custom App Development
  5. Rich Internet Apps
  6. E-commerce Application Development
  7. Website Design & Development
  8. Parallax Development
  9. WordPress, Magento Development


Our highly-skilled team unlocks growth efficiencies for your business by delivering intuitive and engaging web solutions using CSS.Cascading Style Sheets is one of the core technology used widely for building Web pages and its facilitates web developers to separate the design and layout of a website from that of content.We have vast expertise in creating responsive web designs that help you deliver superior user experiences and enhanced UI across all devices.

CSS Development Services that we do:
  1. CSS3 Animations
  2. Eye-catching visuals on your website
  3. Consistent styling of elements across all pages on your site
  4. Make your websites responsive and user-centric
  5. Improve your content’s accessibility
  6. UI and UX development

PHP Web Development

We provide you cost-effective and customizable PHP Web Programming Services for both new and existing websites running on PHP / Apache/ MySQL combination. Zewia provides timely, efficient and affordable PHP Programming Services achieved through experience by doing a variety of PHP Projects for customers based in India and Abroad. We mainly focus on the customer needs and requirements.We deliver website designed by quality PHP Programmers & PHP Experts. We have dedicated PHP software development team with extensive experience in Linux Apache MySQL PHP (LAMP) & AJAX with full functional knowledge base to meet the customer expectations.

PHP Development Services that we do:
  1. Payment Gateway Integration
  2. Application maintenance and support
  3. E-Commerce Framework and Development
  4. Open Source Customization
  5. PHP third party tool and plug-in integration such as Chat, Forum, Blog and Search Engine
  6. Social Networks Integration such as Facebook & Twitter
  7. PHP based products & Web services
  8. Search Engine Optimization
  9. Rich Internet Applications


We provide you full potential by offering end-to-end, integrated solutions for JQuery development in India. We are a promising JQuery development company, with years of experience and knowledge in leveraging the benefits of the platform to develop robust and scalable websites and web applications for your business.We continuously upgrade our skills to improve the features and services that we provide to you.

Services that we provide:
  1. Architecting
  2. Developing And Designing Lightweight, Easy to Navigate Website
  3. Performance Tuning
  4. Maintenance
  5. Develop Ajax applications


We provide you top end java applications that are highly productive, secure and stable. In zewia software solutions our core expert’s java consultants, java developers and architects set up a well crafted pattern for design and implement a variety of integrated solutions. Zewia Software Solutions offer project-based Java development and long-term Java development outsourcing according to the needs of various businesses even from small startups to large enterprises.

We provide services like:
  1. E-commerce and online ordering
  2. Payment processing system
  3. Social networking solutions
  4. Multi-media portals
  5. Digital repositories and storage management systems
  6. E-learning management systems
  7. Java CMS service
  8. An Admin interfaces
  9. A monitoring module
  10. A database (RDMS, NoSQL, DFS)


With the support of highly professional experts,our team delivers fast, scalable and reliable .NET based, LoT, big data of high standards. Our experts will aggregate them with the best user engagement, highly interactive javascript SPA user experience. And Zewia software solutions offer you an affordable price model depending on the corporation you choose. We provide you with immediate assistance on the most convenient solutions to your technical problems.

DotNet technologies that we offers:
  1. Web Applications
  2. LoT Applications
  3. Big Data Applications


With the help of Ajax interconnected web development and programming technique, we create dynamic and powerful web applications as per client requirements. AJAX is not about upsetting the present and behavior of the established web page. But it delivers an asynchronous web experience in a very dynamic way. We at zewia software solutions, are one of the best software company in India which have prime knowledge and experience in developing web applications based on ajax as per the client’s business requirements. AJAX is a mixture of multi-technologies, each established in a powerful and right way.

Ajax services which we incorporated are:
  1. Standard-based demonstration using CSS and XHTML
  2. Data exchange and manipulation using XML and XSLT
  3. Actual time from data validation
  4. Dynamic display and interaction
  5. JavaScript binding everything together
  6. Asynchronous data recovery using XMLHttpRequest
  7. Sophisticated User Interface Control


Javascript is such a compelling framework which helps in creating highly dynamic and responsive websites and applications which have a very healthy load time and processing speed. It helps consumers to match their business expectations by delivering highly interactive interfaces which results in a very impressive user experience. We at zewia software solution offers you front end and full stack javascript development which helps in creating a business – centric solutions which ranges from a simple desktop application to mobile applications. Our well experienced JavaScript developers through their methodologies and practices deliver you the best Applications which empower your business to a scalable and high-performance solutions.

Java script services which we provide are:
  1. JavaScript Web Design and Development
  2. Integration of JavaScript Library
  3. JavaScript Enterprise Applications
  4. JavaScript UI Development
  5. JavaScript E-commerce Development
  6. JavaScript Portal Development
  7. JavaScript Optimization
  8. Mobile Web Application Development with jQuery Mobile
  9. JavaScript Application Maintenance and Support


MYSQL is the most preferred database choices for web application users.MYSQL is used by some of the most used websites that include Google, Wiki, Twitter, and some of the most popular applications like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal also use MYSQL database management for their backend. MYSQL is also a key part of Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/PERL/PYTHON open source software stack also known as LAMP. We at zewia software solution provides highly professional services for fine tuning of your database for better performance and better configurations. Our trained professionals will also configure and customize these data base according to your requirement of your business. We also provide customized interfaces for your MYSQL database system.

MYSQL Services that we offer:
  1. MySQL Database Drive Application Developments
  2. MySQL Database Architectures
  3. Social Networking Portals
  4. Job Sites and Portals
  5. Content Management System
  6. Testing/Quality Assurance Service
  7. Application Support and Maintenance Services
  8. Custom PHP and MySQL Development
  9. CRM Development
  10. Ecommerce development